Metal Card Flash Drive

A pen drive in a form of a card with housing made of metal. We call this elegant product "Metal Card Pen Drive". It is of the same size of a name, business or credit card and as thin as 2mm.

Never forget your important file sharing anymore. Put it in your wallet and have your pen drive anywhere you go.

The housing is suitable for name engraving and perfect as identification or as a gift.

Now, get this item and have it customised or leave it as it is which is perfect too!

Note: We are currently working on having the customisation provided to you. For the mean time, please get this service done at medal and trophy stores, thank you.
Product Name Metal Card Pen Drive
Product Code PDMC01C08
Design Concept N/A
Front Image N/A
Back Design N/A
Capacity 8GB
Price RM 43.00
Specifications and Features
Dimension 84mm x 54mm x 2mm
Warranty One year
Write speed 2 - 5 MB/second
Read speed 9 - 11 MB/second
Operating Current <104ma
Suspend Current <86ma
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 55°C
Operating Relative Humidity 20% ~ 90%
Storage Relative Humidity 20% ~ 70%
1 piece RM 2.50
2 pieces and more free
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Penisular RM 7.00
Sabah & Sarawak RM 10.00
Account Holder Muhammad Akmal bin Abdul Razak
Account No. 159012844616
Email tasseri_ent[at]
Account Holder Muhammad Akmal bin Abdul Razak
Account No. 09010003054203
Email tasseri_ent[at]
Bank Rakyat
Account Holder Muhammad Akmal bin Abdul Razak
Account No. 220011322042
Email tasseri_ent[at]
Account Holder Muhammad Akmal bin Abdul Razak
Account No. 039-075700-025
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  1. Asssalamualaikum. Encik Akmal, saya nak tahu ada tak metal pen-drive berkapasiti 4GB?
    Terima Kasih

  2. Waalaikumsalam,

    teima kasih.
    metal pen drive 4GB tak der. 8GB saja ada

  3. menarik jugak pendrive ni, boleh simpan dalam wallet je ni

  4. yup :) contact ler kalau berminat. kalau nak tempah design sendiri pun boleh juga. kena cepat sikit :) sebelum 28.01. lepas tu kami hantar kat tempahan kat pengilang dah...

  5. nak tanya.. bila nak buat student price???
    dan bila buka tempahan untuk design sendiri??
    kalau yang metal tu boleh tak tulis maklumat kat atasnya (alamat/no tepon)??